How Destination Girls Works

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Get started for free with Destination Girls today! Female members are able to message other members free, however males will need to upgrade to a Premium Membership in order to unlock this opportunity.

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Start planning your exciting getaway with Destination Girls. When you propose a trip you will begin filling out basic information on where you are going, what you will be doing, and how long the trip will be! Once you propose a trip then the Destination Girls team will review your trip and approve it if the trip follows all guidelines.

Types of Trips

There are three different types of trips that you may create

Travel With Me – Meet up with other members and travel together

Come To Me – Request a user to meet you at your profile location

Show Me Your Town – Meet users at their profile location

New Payment Features

There are even different options for payment!

I’ll Pay For You – A member offers to pay for the whole trip

Pay For Me – Have someone treat you to the getaway of a lifetime!

50/50 – Split the check and get ready for an amazing getaway

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