Member Concerns

At Destination Girls we strive to make sure that our members feels safe. If at any time you feel concerned you may file a report. Some issues that you have file a report on include a member’s use of inappropriate language, gestures, and images that may offend you. If you are experiencing threats of violence, stalking, or any other unusual behavior that makes you feel threatened you should report this to our Customer Support team and local law enforcement agencies immediately

  • How do I file a complaint against a member?
    1. Click on the “Report” button under the member’s profile photo
    2. A Report Form will open. Complete this form with a detailed description of the incident.
    3. Select “Submit Report”
    4. A member on our Customer Support team will immediately look into your situation.
  • I want to block my profile from a specific user
    1. Login to your account
    2. Click the profile of the user you want to block
    3. Click the “Block” button beneath the user’s profile photo
    4. You can always “Unblock” the user which will then allow them to regain full access to your profile
  • How can a member become suspended?
    1. Violation of Destination Girls Terms of Use; or
    2. The member has triggered our automated security system. Our automated security system identifies threats in order to protect our members from inappropriate users. Due to the automation, an appropriate member may be mistakenly suspended during the filtering process.

    Please contact us at Customer Support if you have found that you have been mistakenly suspended.

  • So what happens after suspension?
  • All suspended accounts will be reviewed within 24 hours. If the suspension was a mistake, the suspension will be lifted and the user will be able to access the site features again. To check if your suspension has been lifted simply try logging in!

  • What are the reasons that an account would be deleted?
  • Destination Girls reserves the right to delete member accounts by our sole discretion. Some common reasons for deletion are failed payment, accessing the site through a suspicious IP address, and/or violating our Terms of Use.

  • Why do users get flagged for spamming?
  • Destination Girls uses a spam filter to keep malevolent users under control. An account may be flagged for spamming if the member sends an extravagant number of messages in a 24-hour period.

  • My travel partner did not follow-through with the arranged trip!
  • Create a help ticket and provide us with the following information: username of the user who bailed on your awesome trip, and description of the incident. Our customer support team will investigate the incident and may suspend or delete the account if mandatory.

  • A member hurt me physically or stole from me
  • Please contact your local law enforcement agency immediately. Destination Girls is unable to release private member information without official authorization. However, we will cooperate with all communications regarding the incident.

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