Travel Safety

Destination Girls is a website designed to pair members with the best possible, yet new and exciting, travel partner. In turn, we strongly advise our users to practice their best judgement during the screening process prior to choosing their perfect travel companion. In addition, we advise our users to do proper research prior to travel and remain aware of their surroundings at all times when in unfamiliar destinations.

Please consider the following travel and safety tips:

Update Your Friends & Family

  • Before traveling, let your family and friends know with who and where you are traveling
  • Have a main emergency contact.
  • Before departure and upon arrival, we recommend letting your emergency contact know you have traveled safely.
  • If possible, share your location service on your mobile device.
  • Share your hotel information with your emergency contact.
  • Share your emergency contact information with the hotel employees for fast communication in case of an emergency.
  • If possible share the contact and travel document information of the person you are accompanying.
  • If the duration of your stay is in a private location, share the address with your friends and family.

Meeting Abroad?

  • Ask your travel partner to add your name to all reservations to ensure you can maintain a controlled environment.
  • Always meet in public locations and allow yourself the proper amount of time to get to know your companion.
  • Facetime, call, email or skype your travel partner prior to your travels abroad. If possible, meet your travel partner multiple times before making the decision to travel with them.
  • Always keep in contact with your emergency contacts, friends, and family.

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